1. Be whisked away to Paris (part 2)

Part 2 of 2 (click here for part 1)

Oh the excitement; our first holiday together, Paris(!!), uninterrupted escapism.

En route to the small studio apartment in Bastille, which we'd smugly booked through airbnb, we had popped into a local shop and, warming up our s'il vous plait and mercis, we bought a bottle of wine. But hold on, where's the bottle opener?

We now found ourselves at the apartment searching high and low, in every crook and cranny of the small kitchenette for a tool to grant us our wine fueled pleasure.

Nope. We were staying in the one apartment in Paris... without a bottle opener.

"No worries," my boyfriend reassured, "we can open it with a shoe - I've seen it in a youtube video!"

Not wanting to doubt his practical, 'here-to-the-rescue' skills, I didn't question this ludicrous claim.

Wrong decision.

As demonstrated in the video, he placed the wine bottle in a shoe and carefully began tapping the bottle-shoe combo against a wall.

"I'm not sure it's working..." my boyfriend confessed, "Oh hold on, something's happening..."

With the taps getting louder and harder, our anticipation grew. Then suddenly...


The bottom of the bottle exploded, red wine coated the previously white, interior walls and shards of glass sprayed everywhere, taking chunks of my boyfriend's finger with it.

He was mortified; our first holiday together - in the oh-so-romantic Paris - immediately tarnished.

It wasn't until we got to clearing up that we found, nestled between the various cleaning products, a perfectly formed bottle opener.

Not quite the start to our first holiday together, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, we'd expected.

However, despite having marvelled at Notre Dame's gothic gargoyles (queues limiting us to the exterior only), had the obligatory couple snap in front of the Eiffel Tower (only slightly interrupted by the giant tennis ball hung from the middle for the French Open) and climbed the 270 steps up to the Sacré-Coeur to admire the twinkling lights of Paris by night (accompanied by a crowd of noisy youths also enjoying the panoramic views, drinks in hand), our incident with the bottle of wine will be the memory which will stay with me.

We still roll around in laughter sharing our very own Parisian tale.

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