3. Learn how to defrost a freezer

I'm a 27 year old women, I'm very practical, very independant, can take care of myself well, can take care of my home well, can put my hand to a bit of DIY (own more tools than my boyfriend) and am good at solving problems. So when I discovered I didn't know how to defrost a freezer, it was a shock.

It happened like this. Following the freezer mishap after our (largely successful) 'grown up' dinner party, the freezer - having semi defrosted and re-frosted again - needed to be tackled.

I arrived home from work, slightly later than normal I admit, on one very fine evening, an ideal evening for a run. That decided, I thought perfect- I'll be out for almost an hour so I'll strip the freezer of its contents, carefully stow them away in a cool bag and leave the door open to do it's job. By the time I get back I'll wipe it over, return the goods and job done.


I returned from my run to find no progress in the freezer department whatsoever. My boyfriend arrived home from work. He swiftly prepared various vessels of hot water to place on the freezer shelves, all the while sharing his shock at my intentions:
"I don't think defrosting the freezer is an evening job, Hanna"

Three (or maybe even four) hours later, yawning as we parted further and further from our standard bedtime, we were still refreshing the hot water and encouraging the last icicles to drop.

So, FYI, just in case you find yourself in the same predicament, here are a few handy methods for defrosting a freezer:
  • Fan method - set up a fan in front of your open freezer with towels at the ready to mop up the residue. The fan will circulate warm air into your freezer (assuming your home is warm). Takes a while but you can walk away and let the fan do the work for you
  • Hairdryer method - apparently it's perfectly safe to use a hairdryer to speed up the defrosting process, as long as you take the regular precautions when using electronics in wet conditions. Just keep your distance, keep the lead away from the imminent puddle and don't let the end of the hairdryer get too close to the coils or side of the freezer - the high heat can damage them
  • Hot water method - place bowls of boiling water on the freezer shelves, close the door and let the steam loosen the ice. To reduce the chance of causing damage to the shelves place a thickly folded towel under each bowl

And most importantly, do not carry out on a workday evening!

Subject of an accidental item for the list

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