5. Learn to embrace spontaneity

If you are, by now, a keen follower and have become accustomed to your weekly dose of what by when, then you will have been disappointed. As last week I left you high and dry, with not even an explanation for my absence. For this I am truly sorry.

But alas, I was of course fulfilling another item on the list: learn to embrace spontaneity.

It happened like this. At work last Thursday afternoon, looking forward to the impending weekend which brought with it a very special celebration; three years since I met my boyfriend, Chris, at the Bristol Harbour Festival. I received an email entitled 'Festival frolicks'…

And so, with only an evening to prepare (which had already been bookmarked with a work summer party), I embraced spontaneity: the next day, we'd be going to Truck Festival 2015.

Yes I was nervous, yes I felt disorganised and even quite stressed at the sheer lack of time to prepare for an entire weekend of ‘festival frolicks’. But turns out, spontaneity is really rather fabulous. And at a festival, of all places, who cares if you’ve forgotten something you would otherwise deem ‘needed’?

Post Augustines at dusk on the first night of Truck Festival 2015
I was soon to discover that there seems to be something about spontaneous behaviour which triggers further spontaneity, excitement and (I'd even go as far as saying) freedom. Leading to all sorts of out-of-the-ordinary, inhibition-free shenanigans.

In our case such shenanigans included, but were not restricted to...
  • Waiting for a bouncer’s back to turn so that you can scramble at high speed to the very top of a rather ladder-like tent pole before the chance to be restrained arrived
  • Moving a tent, fully erected, with backpacks in tow, half a mile to what was considered a more suitable camping spot in our less-than-sober state of mind
  • Drinking copious amounts of free (yes free!!) cider during back-to-back games of cider pong, courtesy of our friends at Victor’s Cider
  • Plastering the faces of newly-made friends with a combination of three year old fluorescent face paint and glitter galore
  • Throwing the very clothes off your back into a unknowing and rather over-heated crowd (Chris took this one, much to his disgust I clung tightly to my charity shop scarf which I covet dearly)
  • Pushing our way to the deepest depths of the Basement Jaxx mosh pit, where trampling on unprotected feet was simply inevitable
Cider pong friendships sealed with glitter
Spontaneity embraced and thoroughly enjoyed. There's not always opportunity in life to be free and frivolous, but next time one comes along- I for one will be grabbing my glitter and running towards it.

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