9. Get to know our capital city - London here I come!

Now this one comes with a disclaimer. I like to play around with poetry from time-to-time. I realise the word 'poetry' is normally accompanied by the word 'cringe'. So if this is not for you, I permit you to press the little x in the top right-hand corner and come back next time...
Packing up life as we know it
Hello you strong-stomached stayers! I was trying to put a post together for the next item on the list - get to know our capital city! Feeling a plethora of emotions, culminating mostly in excitement, as I pack up life in beautiful Bristol and make the move to London, my words seemed to come out in this form...

What a frightening prospect,
To leave a city you love -
A life you've moulded,
To arrive somewhere unknown.
But London's calling.

Such an end of an era,
Saying goodbye to a family of colleagues -
A place of work so very familiar,
To start all over again.
But London's calling.

What a surreal send off,
Bidding farewell to friends -
Those you've built an adventure with,
Wishing they could be there for the next.
But London's calling.

Such a sad moment,
Packing up life as you know it,
Stowing everything away in boxes,
Leaving a place you've made home.
But London's calling.

A final farewell
So tomorrow is the big day, I'll be making the slightly scary move to London... If you have any tips for a first time Londoner I'd love to hear from you!

Find out how I'm embracing London's unique character in part 2...

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