6. Run a marathon (part 3 - done!)


Part 3 - catch up on part 1 and part 2 first

Last weekend I completed the Bristol to Bath marathon. One of the most challenging items on my list of ‘want-tos’ so far. But also the most inspiring.

Training compromised my blogging, almost put my social life in jeopardy and resulted in some ever-so-painful sports massages. But it also encouraged yoga to become a part of my weekly (if not quite daily) life; it has forced me to embrace ‘me-time’ - with long runs providing endless opportunity to reflect and appreciate, and most of all it has taught me that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.

Cliché I know. So let me share my experience…

The morning of race day was filled not with nerves but excitement and anticipation as I envisaged having a whole marathon under my belt post-race. My anticipation only grew as I lined up next to my two best running buddies - Mary and Ali - at the start line, ready to take on this adventure with them.

As I ran under the Clifton Suspension Bridge along the first stretch of the gruelling route ahead I could only smile, perfectly content to be back in a city I love. In Bristol waves from friends and enthusiastic cheers from family came exactly at the points I needed them - around 8-10 miles when I was just starting to wondered:
“Do I actually want to run so bloody far?”

Leaving Bristol and entering South Gloucestershire brought a greeting of rolling hills. Rolling hills which I ensured to appreciate the beauty of before cursing their relentless uphill/downhill nature. In fact the hills, despite slowing my pace, only empowered me - reminding me how very lucky I am to be so fit and healthy and able to tackle such feats. They also provided me with my favourite spectator, encouraging all with his animated cries of:
“Small hill, big you. You’re bigger than this hill!”

As I sprinted to the finish line in Bath (apparently in a robot-esque manner) I was overcome with an enormous sense of achievement. An unfamiliar feeling in our somewhat restrained society. And a feeling that was only elevated as I was embraced by my boyfriend, Chris, and our families - all exuding with pride.

It was their looks at the finish line and Chris’ astonished smile, demonstrating pure belief in me, that reaffirmed:
I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.

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