Get to know our capital city - London here I come (part 2)


Part 2 - catch up on part 1 here

Oh London, what a character you are!

So we’ve still not found a place to call home in our new city, but although far from being settled, the growing list of London idiosyncrasies (all of which initially astounded me) have quickly become normal. Five characteristics of note:

  1. Close proximity is standard - not just in the sardine-style packing of the tubes but in restaurant seating, shop queues and conversations... Londoners sit, stand and speak abnormally close to one another. Arising from the necessity on crowded transport I’m sure, close proximity is the norm.
  2. People love where they live! Who knew there was such passion for not just London overall but for the very area you live in. Admittedly this has made the search for an area of our own somewhat confusing - with everyone claiming that their small corner of London is the best place to be! But it has also filled me with optimism - despite the sheer size of London I will find ownership and homeliness in one place.
  3. The beggars actually beg - pleading through cries and whimpers. (Ok I'm still yet to get used to this one)
  4. Waiting 2 minutes for a tube / bus / to cross the road is not acceptable. London’s fast and highly efficient pace (which of course I anticipated in the working day) gradually morphs into impatience in every-single-small-task.
  5. London has its own vocabulary - urban areas being renovated in Bristol are simply dubbed 'up-and-coning', in London however, they're ‘gentrified’. And it seems only to be London which is described as ‘transient’ in its every nature.

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