Practice being in the moment - exploring mindfulness


Mindfulness, a bit of a buzzword at the moment eh?

I first heard about it during a positive psychology lecture back in my university days. My lecturer gave each student a Quality Street chocolate, we had to unwrap and eat the chocolate in a mindful manner - slowing down the whole process in order to pay attention to each and every sensation it provoked. I left the lecture with a burning intrigue, which, of course, I did nothing about.

Until now that is. With such an explosion of mindfulness in our culture, even emerging as adult colouring books, it’s time to give it a go.

Now, like you I’m sure, I don’t know an awful lot about mindfulness at the moment, but I hear it’s really rather good for your well-being (another one of those on-trend buzzwords). What I do know sounds good to me: living in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future (something I’m well practiced in!); appreciating every aspect of that moment (whether it be the view, the sounds, the breeze, the colours and so on); acknowledging any worries which inevitably plague us but simply letting them wash by rather than getting hung up on them... I mean who wouldn’t be interested in this?

So in 2016, my New Year’s resolution, and number 10 on the list, will be to practice being in the moment.

Colouring pencils at the ready!

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