Learn how to draw (or doodle at least)


I’ve always been ‘arts and crafty’ as my Mum would put it. But much to my longing, I’ve never been able to draw.

I distinctly remember stressful homework sessions; me getting into a hysterical panic at not being able to ‘bring life’ to my self-portrait or ‘demonstrate shading’ in my fruit and veg - always resulting in my sister stepping up to make good of what I’d managed (thanks big sis).

The predicted ‘D’ grade for my art GCSE only confirmed my inadequacies.

But is it that I’ve never been able to draw, or is it that I’ve never had the confidence to develop my drawing skills? An insecurity amplified by my poor predicted GCSE grade.

The thing about this ‘growing up’ malarkey is that you slowly realise that such insecurities can be left behind. Yes at the moment I have very little talent in the drawing department, but that’s no longer going to stop me from giving it a go.

So, previous homework tortures aside - I’m learning to draw (or doodle at least). A journey for me which is starting with a book - Just Draw It! Which is absolutely what I am doing...

Oh, and I got an ‘A’ in my GCSE by the way, in case you were wondering. Largely by mashing together something textiles-like and 'abstract'; no sketching pencils required.

"Drawing is like taking a line for a walk" Paul Klee - continuous line drawing
Speed drawing to blow away inhibitions - 60 second self-portraits

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