Spread the word about the importance of mental wellbeing


I’ve just finished reading Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive. I feel absolutely touched; I can’t stop smiling at the final couple of chapters and I’m left with a sense of clarity.

Reasons to Stay Alive is the first book I’ve read from an author sharing their experience of depression. It’s also the first of many which I will now read.

If you have suffered from depression,
If you have suffered from any form of anxiety,
If you find yourself trapped in a prison of your own thoughts,
If you find yourself simply thinking too much,
If you care about those around you,
If you care about humans in general,
If you want to find out more about depression,
If you want to find out more about anxiety,
If you’d benefit from some tips on how to live a calmer life,
If you’d appreciate a boost in hope,
Please, read this book.

I’m still working out how I can help spread the word about the importance of mentalwellbeing, but I think I’m finding my voice.

If you have any recommendations; books to read, campaigns to get involved in, talks to attend, organisations to support… please share.

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  1. MQ is a good new charity to be involved in!

    1. I hear they also have THE best copywriter behind them? I will definitely be supporting them, thanks x


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