What went by? | April

A rather grey and stormy day at London's Royal Docks
In true anti-to-do-list fashion, a number of my challenges are not to be ticked off and classed as done. Instead, they’re to be enjoyed again-and-again. They’re to be embraced whenever the opportunity arises. They’re an excuse to live life to the full each and every day!

With that in mind, please welcome… What went by? A monthly round up to keep you up to date with on-going challenges. And hopefully act as a bit of life-embracing inspiration…

What went by? | April
  1. Embracing spontaneity this month meant that after a couple of post-work drinks I found myself stumbling across and immediately signing-up to a talk by the Ladies in Blogging Networking Group. And I’m so glad I did - to meet and hear from other like-minded bloggers and learn invaluable tips from the lovely Angie, creater of SilverSpoon London, was simply inspiring!
  2. Chris and I got to know London from a different angle this month with a trip on the Emirates Air Line from North Greenwich to the Royal Docks. When we got home we couldn’t believe that we’d been on a cable car in London! And all for only £3.50 for a single trip! If you’re checking it out there’s a slightly dated but delicious Lebanese restaurant called Al Masar on the Royal Docks side - worth a visit.
  3. I got a bike! I also fell off said bike. But, now healed, the preparations are officially underway to complete a triathlon... (Ok not quite a what went by? but who doesn’t enjoy a sneak peak of what’s to come?!)
  4. April didn’t only bring a bike, but also blossom. Throughout the month (on my daily cycles to work!) I’ve been appreciating the lines of cherry trees slowly blossom in Burgess Park. A very enjoyable way to practice being in the moment.
  5. The bike also meant that I was invited on my first proper bike ride (you know -  the sort with lycra and padded shorts) - providing the opportunity to explore an area of the UK which I’ve never visited before! Completing Lost Lane's Crab & Winkle route - a loop of historic Canterbury, windly Whitstable and hailstone-scattered Herne Bay. Yes it was a VERY cold cycle, but I loved doing something new, and it’s inspired a May visit to the Kent countryside, so watch this space...

A bit of unexpected off-roading at Herne Bay!

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