Who said London's all about city life? A trip to Kent.


When thinking through items for my list - the 30 things I wanted to experience before I turn 30 - seeing more of the world was up there. But what didn't instantly come to mind, was seeing more of my very own country.

In fact, this item for the list started as a very specific challenge - I wanted to climb a mountain. Now in my mind that mountain was always going to be somewhere in the UK. What took me a while to realise though, was that the idea of climbing a mountain was about a lot more than just the mountain - it was actually about appreciating the beautiful countryside I have on my doorstep.

So, in the final cut of the list, climbing a mountain morphed into... exploring more of the UK.

And boy am I glad it did! Not only has it already yielded an incredible little adventure (see below), it's also tying in really rather nicely with trying to live a more mindful life by encouraging me to be curious about my surroundings and take in the beauty of everyday.

Exploration kicked off with an afternoon walk in the Kent countryside. Easy peasy from London! Who knew this would be a part of London life?! If you want to recreate this trip, here's how: 
  • Train - the Thamescity link has a line all the way from Kentish Town to Sevenoaks. We were able to hop on at Peckham Rye and 42 minutes later we were in Otford to start our walk...
  • Route - one of my colleagues recommended a fantastic circular walk taking in Otford and Shoreham. Apparently Shoreham is home to some highly recommended country pubs, only we wouldn't know as we didn't quite manage the circular route…
  • Compass - if you see a group of very similar looking horses twice, you're likely to have turned back on yourself unbeknown and be walking the same route back. A compass may come in handy to avoid such a predicament.

Next up, a visit to the Lake District...

What's your favourite place to explore in the UK? If you've got any ‘must visit’ places I'd love to hear them!

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  1. There are so many fantastic and beautiful places in the UK! Your trip to the countryside sounds great - love the picture with the bluebell covered woodland ♡

    1. Thanks Miriam! It's such an exciting mission to take on! I'd love to hear about any of your most favourite places! : ) x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love your feature pic, there's definitely so many places that I still need to discover in the UK.

    1. Thanks Natalie! And thanks for the Scottish tips last night by the way - I sense a trip to Loch Ness...!

  3. Isn't the UK a fantastic place to explore?


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