What went by? | May

Other-worldly discoveries at Hampstead Heath this month. 

It's June! That means the second ever instalment of What went by? is a little over due. So here it is, my monthly check-in with ongoing challenges, perhaps it might serve as a bit of life-embracing inspiration...

  • May started with a scorcher - both in terms of some mighty fine weather and, most importantly, some sensational London exploration. And the combination of the two has meant one thing… PICNICS! In fact we’ve gone a little picnic mad in our household recently; rolling out the picnic blanket across many of London’s green spots. My favourite was shared with my brother and his girlfriend atop Horniman Gardens, admiring London from afar. But also up there: my first visit to the wild and rustic Hampstead Heath, indulging at the beautiful Dulwich Park and our Sunday evening hot spot (purely because it’s on our doorstep) - dinner on Peckham Rye.

  • My friend, Kiera, spurred on some spontaneity this month, persuading me to do something I’ve never done before (or even thought I could do) - I joined her work choir rehearsal! I was petrified beforehand. But, although I didn’t have a lot to offer vocally, and spent much of the time not knowing what I was doing (harmonies are confusing!), it was actually really fun to let loose in that way... almost a bit meditative. And I left feeling a slight sense of achievement - being challenged outside of that comfort zone we mostly reside in is very rewarding indeed.
  • Exploring the UK is well and truly underway. This spawned from a realisation that I always focus on seeing the rest of the world, neglecting my homeland. Well no longer, I’m on a mission to get to know my own country and I'm quickly discovering what I've been missing out on. Just look at these views from a visit to the Lake District this May...

  • Yoga has well and truly become a part of day-to-day life. For the last month I’ve been practicing 3-4 mornings a week. And I’m loving it! It’s become a real treat to spend some time focusing on myself; relaxing and restoring, before the start of a busy day. So, although getting up that bit earlier is still painful, my forced habit formation is so far a success! Want to give it a go yourself? Well you're in for a treat, because I've tried LOADS of YouTube classes now (I swear by them!), so can highly recommend a channel for you... Five Parks Yoga.
  • One of my first What by when? challenges was to master the art of dinner parties. Now this is definitely still a work in progress, but what we have mastered within my group of friends, is dinner party entertainment, or more specifically, games! Our favourite games at the moment are both new takes on old classics: Dobble - which is basically snap on steroids, and Heads Up! - the quick-fire app version of charades. If you haven't tried them, what are you waiting for?!

What wonders have you filled your May with?

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  1. Wow! Looks like you really had fun!

    1. Yea it was a great start to the summer thanks Anna : ) I can't believe it's already August! Hope you've packed your summer with lots of lovely things! Hx


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