5 reasons to visit Rome


Oh Rome, what an incredible city you are! When my Mum and I landed home after a long weekend in Rome one word was top of mind - exhausted. Rome is so full of unbelievable beauty, intricate talent and endless astonishment, it makes for an absolutely exhausting visit. But one you will never forget. Here’s my attempt at explaining why…

1. The Vatican Museums

  • Calming courtyards, passion-filled masterpieces and subtle but perplexing visual illusions.
  • No need to worry about searching for travel guide recommendations, just be swept along with the crowd, following the laid out route - you’ll see it all.
  • Aside from the Sistine Chapel, which you could spend hours in if only your neck would allow; craning your head to catch different stories and work out the 3D pillars from the painted ones...
  • ...the most mesmerising rooms for me were the statue-filled corridor where you’re surrounded by every shape, size and emotion of the human form. And the long, tunnel-like map room with the bright, light shining through the windows bringing the ceiling of picture-after-picture to life.

2. St Peter’s Basilica

  • With the grand scale and high ceilings you can’t help but feel just a tiny part of a much bigger picture when you’re in St Peter’s Basilica.
  • When we visited in the late afternoon, the rays of bright sunshine beamed through the stain glass windows in neat lines that are almost too perfect. And a choir sang softly to its private congregation, acoustics creating a mesmerising atmosphere.
  • Faith or no faith, this, along with the complete calm (despite the hundreds of people around you), makes for an other-worldly experience.

3. Trevi Fountain
  • What an extravagant sight fit into such a small, unassuming space! Trevi Fountain is so unexpected as you stroll around the corner of the slim streets it almost feels unreal. But this only adds to its magic.
  • Well worth squeezing through the crowds of tourists to cast your eyes on the white sculptures jumping out of the wall surrounded by the brightest of turquoise water.

4. The Colosseum

  • It's difficult to get your head around the Colosseum’s purpose and history...
  • Originally built as a propaganda tool - offering free entertainment to the residents of Rome - is a surprise enough.
  • Add to this the brutal nature of that entertainment, and the merely skeletal remains of the Colosseum, it just feels impossible to comprehend. A pretty incredible impossible though.
  • A tour guide is therefore paramount when visiting the Colosseum. Just be vigilant to not lose your guide (it’s another kind of impossible to find them again, as we discovered!).

5. Trastevere

  • When my Mum and I arrived at our airbnb, we were warned by our host that Trastevere is a ‘tourist area’. And she was right, it is indeed a tourist area.
  • But that’s because it’s so very quant! You can stroll in and out of the tiny streets, in the shelter of the tall houses on either side, for hours.
  • We visited for something to eat on our first evening, ignoring our host’s cautions and instead following the advice from a much more trusty friend. We enjoyed it so much we went back for our last night!

Persuaded? I thought so.

Recently visited Rome? Let me kmow your top reasons for visiting this incredible city...

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