The power of inspiration... triathlon = done!


In 2005 my Dad completed a triathlon. In fact, he didn’t just complete a triathlon, in 2005 my Dad learnt how to swim so that he could complete a triathlon!

At 44 years old, he and a close friend met once a week at a local swimming pool - his friend teaching him just enough so that on race day he could complete the entire swim with a strong breaststroke (head firmly out of the water, but determined all the way).

Two years later, my Dad suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and died.

This isn’t a story I share often. And it’s not a story I share lightly. But it helps to explain my motivation behind this particular challenge - why ‘complete a triathlon’ had to be on my list.

Actually, if I’m honest, it's a story which helps to explain my motivation behind all of my challenges. It explains why I’m so passionate about living life to the full, why I’m always keen to embrace new and unfamiliar experiences, and most importantly why I’m determined to keep challenging myself.

My Dad couldn’t swim but he wasn’t going to let any lack of skills get in the way of him completing that race. That’s my definition of inspiration.

So on September 4th 2016, my sister and I, alongside a close friend and supported by my brilliant Mum, brother and boyfriend (who all got up at the crack of dawn to be there!), completed our first ever triathlon.

And all the way, panicked open-water swim and gruelling transitions aside, I thought about my Dad. And I thought about the fact that this is what it’s all about - this is living life.

What’s your definition of inspiration?

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