What went by? | Reflections on 2016

2016... It's easy to feel ready to wave it good riddance, with Brexit, Trump and the death of far too many greats at top of mind… that’s because what's top of mind shapes what we perceive. It shapes our assumptions and our general attitude. Our quick acting, automatic system in our brain uses shortcuts like what's top of mind to keep things as simple as possible, helping us navigate this complex world. So with such profound events this year it’s no wonder we want to parcel up 2016 and erase it from our memory.

But before we do so, how about bringing some of the good things about 2016 to the top of mind? Because it can't all be bad, and that's a whole year of our precious lives after all.

I’ll kick start, and perhaps you’ll share a few of your highlights of 2016?...

1. I had the holiday of a lifetime! Three weeks of exploring in Tanzania not only satisfied my travelling bug for a while and gave me the opportunity to tick off a couple of challenges from my list, but most importantly, gave me a bit of space to get back in touch with what really matters, realign my values and reflect on what’s truly important to me. Much needed after months of work and life demands creating a rather thick fog.

2. I was asked to be a bridesmaid, twice! Now this one is an interesting highlight of the year, as both brides-to-be know I have a love-hate relationship with weddings… But both are incredibly important in my life and I don’t think there’s anything more consolidating of that than being asked to be a part of their special days. I feel absolutely privileged!

3. I've made memories to cherish with old friends and new friends alike. Leaving Bristol, and the dear friends I made there, was scary. But my move to London has not only given the opportunity to spend more time with other dear friends, but has also meant that time I spend with the Bristol lot has become all-the-more valuable. Plus, it’s opened doors to some incredible new friendships!

4. I fell in love… with two wheels. I bought a bike (I then quickly got my bike stolen, but as it was just as quickly replaced that’s easily forgotten) and found a new sense of freedom. It’s made London feel so much more accessible, enabled me to explore from a different angle and given me a bit of control and calm in this fast paced, and often harsh, city. It’s also opened opportunities - countryside rides with colleagues, group rides with friends and completing a triathlon of course.

5. Not only have I got to know my city, but I've shared it with some of those most important to me: my family. It’s a strange phenomenon, but sharing your home with family and friends seems to make you feel more at home. I’ve loved welcoming my family to my life in London and sharing some of its delights with them.

Now your turn...

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