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I'm Hanna, I'm 29, originally from sleepy Somerset in South West England, I recently moved to London (find out about that here!) and I work in the exciting world of market research.

My job means that I help big brands and small not-for-profits alike to identify needs in the market, get to know the ins-and-outs of their audience and help develop and test new ideas for products and services.

It also means that I get to speak to lots of different people; getting to know them, finding out about their habits and routines, what they like and dislike. I love this about my job because I'm fascinated in people - more than that, I'm fascinated in how people - how we - live our lives.

This fascination has spawn What by when?, a blog all about living life to the full, taking on challenges out of nothing more than want and curiosity, rebelling against everyday to-do lists and instead working through a list of exciting experiences and ambitions. All just BECAUSE.

Expect a couple of gruelling challenges, embracing happier and healthier ways of living, a bit of travelling and exploring skills lost at childhood, all with a few life lessons along the way!

So far I've run a marathon, made yoga a part of everyday life, experienced Amsterdam and I'm trying to learn to draw (or doodle at least).

If you're new to the site - welcome! A good place to start is 'The challenge', just click here.

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