The list

What's this all about then? Not sure? Hop over to this page for a quick read about my challenge...

Already in the know? Well here's the list:
  1. Visit Paris
  2. Master the art of dinner parties
  3. Learn how to defrost a freezer (an accidental item for the list)
  4. Experience Amsterdam
  5. Learn to embrace spontaneity
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Make yoga a part of daily life
  8. Uncover the world of lipstick
  9. Get to know our capital city - London here I come!
  10. Practice being in the moment - exploring mindfulness
  11. Learn how to draw (or doodle at least)
  12. Become educated in the world of wine (or learn how to detect a corked wine at the very least)
  13. Make a home sewn dress
  14. Become more creative
  15. Explore more of the UK
  16. Complete a triathlon
  17. Discover how to use my camera without auto mode
  18. Learn a few hair styles to embrace in everyday life
  19. Get to know the world of jazz music
  20. See the Northern lights
  21. Experience a safari
  22. Overcome my fear of scuba diving
  23. Visit Rome
  24. Witness a swooping and diving flock of starlings at dusk
  25. Explore Buddhism
  26. Stop procrastinating!
  27. Embrace poetry
  28. Spread the word about the importance of mental wellbeing
  29. Speak out about gender equality
  30. *My final item for the list will remain a secret until nearer the end of the challenge... watch this space though - it's a big one*
If you have any tips or suggestions to help me along the way, or perhaps you're taking on your very own what by when?, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hey!

    I'm not really sure how I came across your blog... but I love the idea! Such a good one - I am totally going to take it up myself! :)

    I hope you manage to compete your list! :)

    Kerry -

    1. Hi Kerry!

      Thank you - I'm glad it's been some inspiration! : )

      Keep me updated on what you decide to do... x

  2. Really love this list! I share so many. It's so hard to get around to doing it all so good on you 😊I'm intrigued by the last one! X

    1. Thanks Eppie! I'd love to hear what's on your what by when? Let me know if you'd like to embrace any challenges together - always good motivation ; ) I'm afraid I'm going to keep you in suspense for a while about the last one... x


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